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The MEC torrefaction kiln maximizes productivity, is easy to use and perfectly safe:

High capacity wood load
Ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 fbm depending on the thickness of the wood.

Durable construction in 304 grade stainless steel
Resists corrosion and inclement weather, delivering exceptional durability.

Efficient thermal insulation
Improves working conditions and minimizes workplace accidents.

High performance centrifugal fan
Prevents steam and smoke from infiltrating the workplace.

Track loading system
Facilitates kiln loading and unloading.

Computerized control system
Ensures precision quality control.

Off-gas burner
A safe, environmentally friendly unit that helps minimize air emissions.

Rapid torrefaction cycle
A 6- to 10-hour torrefaction cycle processes up to 20,000 fbm in 24 hours.

Low-cost energy
Quebec?s low power prices leads to highly competitive global product.

Improved ventilation grille
Specially designed grille to ensure perfectly balanced air flow.

Readily accessible mechanical and electrical components
For easy maintenance and emergency operations.

Exhaust steam filtration
Reduces fumes discharged into the atmosphere, minimizing environmental risks.

Innovative press system
Eliminates warping of upper rows of planks during torrefaction.

Interior or exterior installation option
With its stainless steel construction and high performance thermal insulation, the MEC torrefaction kiln can be installed and operated outside all year round.