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Practically inexistent moisture content  
Torrefied wood has practically no (close to 0%) internal moisture and will not reabsorb moisture from the air or surface runoff since its hygroscopic properties are altered by the heating process.

Dimensional stability  
Torrefied wood will not shrink, swell or warp with changing weather and moisture conditions. It is therefore ideal for precision applications such as furniture, doors and windows.

Resistance to biodegradation  
Torrefied wood is resistant to fungi and moulds, which mark and degrade wood, because fungi and moulds require a moisture content of at least 20% to develop.

Resistance to insect pests  
Because torrefaction kills the cells on which wood insects and parasites feed, torrefied wood is never attacked by pests, an important feature for the North American and European market, where termite damage is a major concern.

Chemical free treatment process  
Torrefaction uses no chemicals or toxic substances. The production and use of torrefied wood is therefore perfectly safe and in compliance with the most stringent environmental and export standards. Moreover, torrefied wood unlike chemically treated wood can be safely handled, transported and processed immediately.

Treated through to the core  
Unlike, chemical treatment, which protects only the surface layer of the wood, torrefaction affects the entire piece of wood through to the core. Torrefied wood can, therefore, be processed, cut or sanded, without loosing any of its properties. Cut ends remain protected, and scratches and cracks are essentially invisible.

A variety of hues and consistent colour  
Torrefaction can enrich the hue and appearance of practically all species, which opens up new possibilities for many species that have never been considered esthetically pleasing.

Unlike chemical treatment processes, which alter the natural appearance of wood (for example the greenish tinge of treated wood), torrefaction actually enhances the natural intrinsic beauty of wood, giving added value to less popular species. Torrefaction gives everyday species a richer hue, similar to that of exotic wood species.

The MEC torrefaction kiln comes equipped with a computerized control system that results in an even colour that can be reproduced batch after batch.